Ty Mawr  (S.E. face, Griffith's text)

This Cromlech lies in a field near Pant Lodge, on the left hand of the road leading from Llanfair P.G. to Four Crosses. One end of the capstone has fallen down towards the south, the other end lies on a slab, probably the one used originally to close up the entrance to the chamber underneath. The slab measures two feet in height by three feet in width. The two remaining supports are lying partly beneath the capstone; one measures four feet long by four feet wide and one foot thick; the other five feet long by four feet wide, and averaging from nine inches to one foot in thickness. The capstone is ten feet eleven inches long by eight feet four inches wide, and two feet thick at the southern side, diminishing in thickness to sixteen inches at the northern side (See Arch. Camb. Vol.IV 1873 p.23)

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