Presaeddfed (N.N.W. face, Griffith's text)

This is situated in a field north-west of Presaddfed, close to the mansion, and one mile from Bodedern. It originally consisted of two chambers with openings facing the east, and is what is called a double Cromlech. The capstone of the one on the north-east side has fallen towards the south-west, and rests obliquely with its lower end upon the ground and the upper end leaning on an upright. The capstone of the other is still standing on four supports. It is twelve feet six inches long, and at one end, eight feet, and at the other, seven feet in width, and averaging from twenty to twenty-eight inches in thickness. The supports measure from four feet to four feet six inches in height. (See Arch. Camb. Vol.1 1870)

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