Mynydd Cnwc  (E.S.E. face, Griffith's text)

On a projecting rock called Pen-y-Cnwc, which forms one side of Trecastell Bay, which is about one mile and three-quarters south of Ty Croes station, there are remains of a chambered tumulus, but now in great measure destroyed. It is called, by the people of the neighbourhood, Barcloddiad - y - Gawres ( the Giantess's apronful ), and Carreg-yr-enwau ( the stone of names ), a modern name assigned to it in consequence of the names and initials cut by visitors on the remaining capstone. The capstone is of a triangular shape, and is ten feet in length, and five feet and a half in its widest part. It rests on four supports, two of these are about three feet high, and the other two, supporting its narrowest end, are much smaller. (See Arch. Camb. Vol. XV, p.403, 1869)

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