Maen Chwyf  (W.N.W. face, Griffith's text)

It is marked on the Ordnance [Survey ] Map under the name Maen Chwyt, it ought to be Maen Chwyf, viz. a rocking stone. This enormous block of stone lies on a rising ground, in a field east of Gaerwen farm, and about one mile and a half from Llan[n]erch-y-medd, and has all the appearance of having been a very large Cromlech in former times. There are one or two of its supports to be seen projecting from underneath it. The capstone is eleven feet long and eight feet wide at the north end, and five feet ten inches at the south end, and averaging about three feet in thickness. There is a tradition in the neighbourhood that it formerly used to rock, but now the space underneath it is filled up with earth and debris, and the whole block is so overgrown with briars, thorns, and bracken, that it is difficult to obtain a good photograph of it. (Not recorded in Arch. Camb.)

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