Lligw(S.S.W. face, Griffith's text)

This Cromlech lies in a field on Lligwy farm, on the left hand of the road from Red Wharf to Lligwy Bay. The capstone is quadrangular in shape. Its greatest length is eighteen feet, and its greatest breadth sixteen feet, and its average thickness about three feet. It lies on ten low supports. On the south-east side there is an entrance to the chamber underneath, two feet two inches high, by two feet seven inches wide. The height to the top of the capstone from the ground, at the eastern corner, is five feet seven inches, and that at the south-western corner is six feet. The Cromlech is composed of white limestone, similar to Pant-y-Saer, described further on. (See Arch. Camb. Vol. XIII, p.135, 1867)

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