Henblas (W.N.W. face, Griffith's text)

This Cromlech is situated in a field close to a small farm called Cromlech, about half a mile south of Henblas, in the parish of Llangristiolus, and two miles and three quarters from Bodorgan station. It is considered one of the largest Cromlechs in Great Britain. The remains at present consist of two immense supports, fallen down, and a capstone. The support on the eastern side is thirteen and a half feet high, and fifty feet round at its base, while the support that is on the southern side, is ten feet high, and fifty-three feet round at its base, and they are eight feet apart,. The capstone has fallen between, and lies with one end upon the ground, the other end resting on the two fallen supports. Its length is eighteen feet by fifteen feet six inches, and it averages from one to four feet in thickness. (See Arch. Camb. Vol. XII p.66)

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