A miscellaneous collection of texts and images

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Archaeological excavation at Llys Caswallon, Llaneilian, Anglesey September 2010

History, Archaeology and Geology of the Skerries Islands, Anglesey

Views of Old Holyhead, Anglesey

More Views of Old Holyhead, Anglesey


More Views of Old Holyhead, Anglesey

Portfolio of Edwardian photographs of Anglesey prehistoric monuments


History and Archaeology of Moelyci Farm, Tregarth, Gwynedd

Geology of Anglesey by John Stevens Henslow 1822           


Aspects of the History and Archaeology of Penmaenmawr, Gwynedd


The metalliferous mines of Parys Mountain, Anglesey by Edward Greenly 1919

History and Archaeology of Newborough and Rhosyr, Anglesey

Portfolio of Cromlechs in Anglesey and Caernarvonshire by J.E.Griffiths 1900

Source materials for the History of the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos


John Leland's Itinerary in Wales edited by Lucy Toulmin Smith 1906


Skinner's 10 days' Tour in Anglesey 1802 - text


Skinner's 10 days' Tour in Anglesey 1802 - Illustrations (lengthy download)


Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones Amlwch Anglesey annual magazine Y Leinws

         1963                     1965                    1966                     1967

Eagle comic 1958 prehistory series by George Cansdale and Tom Adams

             Precambrian                           Ordovician                            Early Silurian
             Late Silurian                            Devonian                             Carboniferous    
 Transactions and Reports of the Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Field Club

         1913                 1914                1920                 1921                1922

         1923                 1924                1925                 1926                1927

  1927 Plearoll          1928                 1929                1930

  1911/12 report 1912/13 report 1913/14 report 1914/15 repor1915/16 repor
        Late Carboniferous                       Permian                             Permo-Triassic
                Triassic                              Early Jurassic                        Later Jurassic
            Later Jurassic                          Cretaceous                            Cretaceous
              Cretaceous                         End-Cretaceous                          Eocene
             Late Eocene                           Oligocene                                Miocene
          Plio-Pleistocene                        Pleistocene

   Views in Bangor and its neighbourhood - from 19th century after 1850

                                                                            Some examples
Catherall's Views in North Wales - from 19th century after 1860

                                                                     Some examples